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About Danilo


Passionate, adventurous and multi-talented.

These words can be used to describe both Danilo’s award winning photography and the man himself.

Known for high-end commercial and landscape images, his photographs capture the beauty of whichever person, scene, or product is lucky enough to find its way in front of his lens. 



He build brands’ positioning through his imagery, creating the exact vibe and look they need to tell their story.


This passion for helping clients create the perfect image led to the creation of THE STOCKMARKET – a place where brands can find stock imagery that feels like their own.


Traditionally, stock imagery is seen as a back-up instead of a first choice. THE STOCKMARKET  seeks to solve this, providing an option for brands that is far from stock-standard. THE STOCKMARKET removes the limits of traditional stock imagery, giving you unlimited usage rights and the option for exclusive ownership. 


Much like his approach to THE STOCKMARKET, Danilo’s journey to photography was unorthodox, bold and busy. He picked up a camera at age 16 and  – despite adventures as a ice and rock climber, competitive hot air balloonist, and chef – has never put it down.


Danilo has fast become the commercial photographer of choice for New Zealand and Australia. Choose from his unique stock imagery here  or contact him here  if you’d like to enquire about working together.