Award-winning photographers in Auckland with multiple achievements! 


The STOCKMARKET is a place where you find every photograph flushing, blooming, captivating and glowing. The company is fortunate to have Award winning photographers in Auckland and our versatile stock photography collection has ranked at top of the list!

The beauty of photography lies in its intrinsic genera to freeze time and capture something exceptional! Competing challenges, activating struggles and triggering result-oriented efforts are three main philosophies being followed. The STOCKMARKET culture promotes innovation, creativity & novelty while triumphing every cumbersome, adding life to the photographs! Danilo is a committed and passionate photographer capturing reality through the camera. He is an expert in the field, following a distinctive, noteworthy and narrative approach while capturing images and that is why every single image tells a story. Our stock photographs can exceed every standard! 

Danilo understands the power of different angles and readily decide the perfect way to capture a snap. The company believes that there is a room for improvement and we have to cover that space! With the passage of time & experience, The STOCKMARKET has learned to capture more impactful and brilliant photographs, having elevated standards.

We are providing custom brand photography, stock photography, Landscape Images prints, Photographic prints and many more! We promise to meet your expectations.